By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

She Starts With A Basic Yoga Move, But Her Next Move Is IMPOSSIBLE.

It is rare for an artist to make a living, but it isn't impossible. But what about those people with strange talents, ones that aren't as socially acceptable?

Haley Viloria is a professional performance artist. She has traveled the world by performing on cruise ships and as part of the circus. Her specialty? Contortion, or taking flexibility to an extreme.

The art of contortion is widely respected in countries like Mongolia, where students, usually young girls, begin to train at the age of 5. Contortionists has also entered into the mainstream with performers like Lilia Stepanova, who can shoot do archery with her feet, and Alexey I. Goloborodko of Russia, who has often been described as the world's most flexible human.

If you get excited on days you can touch your toes or if you are an avid yoga student, get ready to flip with Viloria's technical video. She takes bending to another dimension.

Warning: Some viewers may not be able to finish this video.

Source: Haley Viloria