By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

One-Of-A-Kind Aquatic Photos That Look Photoshopped, But They Are Absolutely Real.

Legal Immigrant

A Longfin Eel, Botanical Gardens, Sydney. A longfin eel living under the shadow of the iconic Sydney skyline in the Botanical Gardens.

Crimson Tide

Waratah Anemones, Port Kembla, NSW Australia. This image is shot right out the front of where I used to work. During my lunch-break walk I had found this tiny rock-pool containing these wonderful bright red Waratah anemones, I had to make a picture of them.

Bluebottle Army

Bluebottle cnidarian, Bushrangers Bay, NSW, Australia. Despite their potentially dangerous sting, the bluebottle cnidaria is an amazingly beautiful creature. I wanted to demonstrate this with careful lighting and composition.

A Splash of Yellow

Sargassum Seaweed, Bushranger Bay, NSW, Australia. I love bold shapes and primary colours in my images, hence the bluebottles and crimson red Waratah anemones in some of my other images. I think my portfolio lacked a little yellow and this golden-coloured flora of the ocean just about filled the gap nicely.

Midnight Nudi

Bushrangers Bay, NSW, Australia. Being an ocean photographer has led me into some strange and curious habits. Wading around in low tide rock pools in the middle of the night is one of them. However, the rewards can be endless from a photographers point of view, such as finding this Hypselodoris bennetti in inches of water.

A Silky Encounter 2

Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. An intimate moment between two silky sharks at Jardines de la Reina


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