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By Huong Ngo

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Spooky Choker Necklaces To Bewitch Your Friends This Halloween.

How does a person get into the Halloween spirit without full on dressing up? Maybe your workplace doesn't allow dressing up on Halloween. Maybe you want to be festive without actually setting foot into a costume store. Whatever it is, we've found a solution!

Say hello to a new seasonal trend: Halloween chokers. Chokers alone have made its recent comeback into modern fashion. So what's more fashionable than wearing a festive choker for Halloween? It's the best (and laziest) way to dress up for Halloween without actually dressing up!

Take a look at some of the chokers below to see if any catch your eye!

#1. Halloween Ghost Choker

For the festive woman who loves Halloween and ghosts!

#2. Halloween Net Choker Necklace

This one's more of a subtle choice. You could wear it on Halloween or on an average day!

#3. Bat Choker

For Batman lovers. Maybe you're planning on dressing up as something bat-related for Halloween. You can wear this choker in the day time to get you in the mood.

#4. Large Spider Choker

A simple thin choker with an elegant spider brooch. Wear this to add a pop to any outfit.

#5. Harley Quinn PUDDIN Choker

If you've watched Suicide Squad and have recently become obsessed with Harley Quinn, you'll definitely love this PUDDIN choker. You could even add it to your Harley costume.

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