Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

Spooky Choker Necklaces To Bewitch Your Friends This Halloween.

#11. Black Lace Bat Choker

This one has a more gothic vibe to it. Pair this up with an all black outfit and you're good to go.

#12. Vampire Choker

If you just want to wear a simple choker, at least wear one that has a festive charm to it like this vampire mouth.

#13. Alloy Blood Tattoo Halloween Choker Necklace

The perfect choker for anyone who plans on dressing up as a witch! What better thing to have hanging around your neck than your own mini potion.

#14. Spider Web Choker

For the girls who are into thick banded chokers. Definitely wear this choker out if you're going for a lolita look.

#15. Halloween Choker

It doesn't get more straight-forward than this. If you want to go about your day wearing a normal outfit, the least you could do is throw this necklace on.

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