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By Huong Ngo

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24 Spooky Halloween Decorations That Are Frighteningly Easy To Make.

Forget Christmas decorations, Halloween is the holiday you should be focusing on the most when it comes to interior and exterior decor! It should always be your goal to be the scariest yet coolest house on the block every Hallow's Eve. After all, Halloween is the day your home will have the most guests so might as well give them something to look at!

Nonetheless, Halloween decorations can be expensive. The more haunting and eerie you want to look, the more money you have to dish out. But who says Halloween decorations can only be found in Halloween stores? You can make spooky decorations yourself with everyday supplies you might already have at home! Check out some of the DIY projects below to help you get started.

#1. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate

Turn your hot chocolate into blood by adding a few drops of red food coloring! Add bat origami to the straws to make the drink look fit for a vampire.

#2. Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Trash bags can be used for more than just holding your trash! Cut up your trash bags this year to create spider webs!

#3. Harry Potter Soaring Candles

Transform some empty paper towel rolls into soaring candles! Paint them white and use hot glue to make "melted wax." Hang them up with thin string and voila!

#4. Glaring Eyes

Now that you've used paper towel rolls, take advantage of your empty toiler paper rolls as well! Cut eye shapes into them and fill them with glowing lights. Place them into your garden bushes at night to create glaring eyes!

#5. Front Door Mummy

Mummify your front door with white paper streamers! Cut out white and black construction paper to create the eyes.

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