By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Halloween Fails That Are Hilariously Disgusting.

Pinterest can crush the most confident person’s self esteem in an instant. Taking a perfectly crafted decoration or food item and following step-by-step in the DIY world, is the easiest way to lose morale. Halloween is the perfect example of people giving their best and yet coming up slightly short of their goal.

The brave men and women may not be the most talented in being crafty, but at least they have a great sense of humor. These hilarious Halloween fails all have of thing in common: it can only get better from here.

#1. Frankenstein is not supposed to be cute anyways.

Frankenstein is not supposed to be cute anyways.

#2. Bad dentist!

Bad dentist!

#3. So much potential lost.

So much potential lost.

Megan Whitesall‎

#4. At least it's red.

At least it's red.

#5. They are still edible.

They are still edible.


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