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100 Years Of Halloween’ Video Proves We’ve Always Been Naughty.

For hundreds of years people in Europe dressed up as folkloric and supernatural creatures to observe ancient festivals. Translate that to modern times where as soon as October 1st comes around, people begin to scramble to have the best Halloween costume.

There is always the exception of the individual who plans his or his costume months in advance. The point is to have an ensemble that will scare the little ones and impress your friends, that has not changed throughout history.

In North America, the tradition of wearing a Halloween costume is over 100 years old. The costumes have evolved from full-out creepy, to cute, sexy, and just terrifying. Here is a look at 100 Years of Halloween costumes. 1915 is the inspiration of the horror movies of today.

Minnie Mouse from 1935 was both scary and adorable at the same time.

The devil of 1945 had a cute vibe.

The cowgirl from 1955 was not meant to terrify the neighbourhood.

By 1995, the cute, sexy costumes were in full swing.

Kim Kardashian infamous butt champagne photo had to be made into a costume.

Take a peek at Halloween costumes in the last 100 years.

Next, 33 Halloween costume ideas to inspire your look this year.

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