Huong Ngo

By Huong Ngo

LifeBuzz Staff

24 Awesome Makeup Looks To Try This Halloween.

#6. Lioness of the Jungle

Everyone knows how to do a basic lion face, but elevate it to the next level with this beautiful look. Leave the three whiskers on each cheek look to the kids.

#7. Mystique

Are you a fan of X-Men? Show how much of a fan you are this Halloween with this look! Just so long as you don't mind getting some blue body paint on.

#8. Vampire

One of the more classic Halloween dress up choices. Up your vampire costume this year with a more exaggerated makeup look.

#9. Black & White Dame

Anyone can dress up as an old Hollywood starlet. Take it to the next level by transforming yourself into an actual grayscale black & white character as if you've just jumped out of an old movie screen!

#10. Trippy Double Vision

No, the photo below is not photoshopped. Everything you see on her face is actual makeup! Freak out your friends and family with this look if you've got the patience to recreate it!

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