By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

These Halloween Manicures Are Winning The Battle Against Boring Nails.

Elaborate nail art has been shining bright on social media for the last couple of years, and manicure tutorials get kicked into high gear each time there's a holiday to celebrate. With Halloween just around the corner, there are more than a few spooky manis circulating the internet, and most of them are DIY.

Below are 10 awesomely Halloween manicure ideas to get you inspired this Halloween. Some of them are more difficult than others, but there's definitely something on this list for nail artists of every skill level. If you can manage it, #10 is pretty epic.

#1. These cute and not-so-scary faces will impress everyone at the office Halloween party.

#2. If you've got the patience and skill, you could go for a detailed spiderweb nail motif.

#3. These blood spatter nails are not for the faint of Halloween-heart.

#4. These nails are spooky with just the right amount of pizzazz.

#5. Beetlejuice nails are perfect for the holiday - just don't say his name three times.

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