By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Filmed His Hamster Giving Birth… It Brought Out Deep Feelings From My Heart.

There's something kind of special about this video, and it's not just because we get to see a bunch of tiny hamsters come into the world and look all weird and rubbery. No, the real star of this video is Alice, the mom who had to give birth to four little ones in a matter of about five minutes.

From start to finish, we can sense Alice's struggle during her labor: We watch her pace anxiously beforehand we see her flail in agony as she attempts to push out her littler, and when she really puts her nose to the grindstone to get this thing done we can actually see the determination on her little hamster face.

Even though Alice takes awhile to get going, definitely stick around and watch the entire process.For us, this video proves that no matter which one of the world's creatures is doing it, the birthing process is a truly spectacular thing.

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Source: Tony Cao