By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Tiny Hamster Plays ‘Godzilla’ In This B-Movie Cheesefest, You’ll Hate Yourself For Loving It.

Imagine if you will the horror of a gigantic, mutated, radioactive beast, tearing through a large city, leaving catastrophic devastation in its wake. Picture the terror of this creature chomping down on a subway train and swallowing it whole. Now imagine if that leviathan was a hamster. Sounds improbable right?

Well, the brilliant and creative minds at Hello Denizen have created a classic b-movie-calibre short film with a cute and cuddly hamster and lots of miniature props. The music that accompanies this short is perfect and it’s hard not to find the furry little guy painfully adorable, even if it is destroying a city.

Have you ever seen a hamster eating a burrito?

Source: HelloDenizen