An Easy Guide On Avoiding Awkward Handshake Errors In 14 Countries.

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When I was growing up, my father always emphasized the importance of a firm, strong handshake. I spent my early adult years gripping people's hands like they were the last hands I'd ever shake, assuming that the act would make them think I was a tough broad who meant business.

When I moved to Seoul, South Korea in 2010, I couldn't figure out why every who met me was looking at me so oddly whenever I would meet them and shake hands: At best, they looked quizzical, and at worst, they looked genuinely horrified. In other words, they didn't seem to appreciate my firm grip, my hearty, enthusiastic shake, and my direct, all-powerful gaze.

Eventually, I learned that all handshakes are not created equal. Want to avoid making the same mistakes I did? Check out this handy international handshake guide below - and do it before you hurt somebody.

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