By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch This Poodle Doing A Handstand… It’s Achingly Cute.

There are a lot of adorable dogs in the world, and there are certainly plenty of precious toy poodles to choose from. However, none of them compare to Ginger Doodle, an amazingly cute red-furred toy poodle that can do some of the best tricks we've ever seen.

Ginger Doogle has amassed thousands of followers on social media, and it's not just because she has an absurdly adorable face. This talented dog can do handstands, "pray," and perform tricks on two legs that you have to see to believe.

Click play on this one and you won't soon regret it.

She manages to look ridiculously cute doing just about everything, doesn't she?

Here she is, feeling the beat.

And finally, here she is in her whip. Ride on, Ginger Doodle.

Source: My Ginger Doodle