By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

A Bully Poured Glue In Her Hair, What She Did Next Is The Strongest Thing Ever.

15-year-old Hannah Combs was chatting with friends outside of her high school when the unthinkable happened: A bully came up behind her and poured hot superglue all over her head.

It sounds too brutal to happen to such a young person, but unfortunately, it's true. After the attack, the bully was allowed to return to school. Hannah, on the other hand, has to live with the physical and emotional pain inflicted on her: She had first degree burns, but the humiliation and sadness she felt were even worse.

Somehow, Hannah was able to respond gracefully to the attack, and what she did sends a powerful message about resiliency in the face of bullying. See more of her story below.

“It instantly started burning,” Hannah said. “It felt like my head was on fire. It was horrible.” She suffered first degree burns and said it felt like “sun burn times 10.”

“I realized I lost my favorite thing about me. I loved my hair,” Hannah said. “My hair was the only thing I liked about myself, honestly. I lost it for no reason.”

Hannah's parents were furious about the fact that the boy got such a small punishment. They started a Facebook page called "Justice For Hannah," showing the world photos from her medical treatment and subsequent haircut.

Surprisingly, nothing but support came in for the targeted teen.

“It makes me want to help other people,” Hannah said. “There are people who couldn’t stand up for themselves but they talk to me about it. It makes me want to help. It’s amazing how many people are supporting me.”

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