By Leilani

LifeBuzz Staff

He’s The Happiest Person On Earth… And He Taught Me An Important Lesson.

The 'Happiest Man on Earth' is part of filmmaker and journalist Mike Worsman's A Million Smiles project. In the clip, we are introduced to a 60-year-old security guard called W.V. Sugathapala 80 kilometers south of Colombo, Sri Lanka. According to a Daily Mirror interview, they met through a chance encounter when Worsman and his girlfriend decided to visit New Monis Bakery. He recalled that a 'strange' man was whistling and dancing on the road.

The incredible amount of energy Sugathapala pours into his everyday work is inspiring. I've encountered a range of security guards, some short-tempered and others more lighthearted, but none quite as animated as this man. It is through moments like this and people like him that I realize that happiness is a simple thing. We should strive for simplicity.

'Always smiles. That is how I spend my time,' he says. Watch the video here:

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