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18 Spooky Facts About Halloween… You’ll Be Thinking About #11 All Day.

Halloween is right around the corner and as we approach it each year it’s fun to look back at some of the old time traditions and beliefs. Just like pretty much everything else now, the current holiday doesn’t necessarily reflect the beginning of things.

Everything is so commercialized now that the original beliefs and reasons are often lost in the shuffle. The Halloween season dates back nearly 2,000 years and there are many stories about how it got started. Some say that on that certain night it was easiest for the dead to come back to earth and there are other stories that say the Lord of Death would gather up everyone that had died the previous year to cross over to the other side.

From those beliefs come many superstitions that have been carried over throughout the years. One of the biggest ones is that you should avoid black cats, but do you know why that is? What’s the big deal about coming across a black cat? Did you know that owls were once just as feared as a black cat on Halloween?

It’s fun to read the facts about the Halloween season from way back in the day. It’s also fun to see which ones are still a part of the celebrations that we carry out today.

#1. Did you know Halloween dates back nearly 2,000 years?

Halloween can be traced back nearly 2,000 years to the area that is now known as the United Kingdom, Ireland and northern France. There are many reports of why the day was important but one of the most popular is it was the end of the old harvest year and the start of the upcoming long winter.

The locals also believed that the night before November 1st was the time when the line between life and death mixed over and it was easiest for ghosts of the dead to make their return to earth. That short timeline of that one evening before the winter months started was supposed to offer them the least amount of resistance in returning.

#2. Don't be scared!

Halloween is the day that people try to scare the hell out of others. Because of that there are plenty of people that live with fear during the time of the celebrated day. It's called Samhainophobia.

#3. Happy Birthday!

Did you know that Vanilla Ice, Dan Rather and Willow Smith were all born on Halloween? That might explain the way Vanilla Ice used to dress!

Happy Birthday!

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#4. HUGE party day!

Super Bowl Sunday and New Year's Eve are the two biggest party days of the year in the United States. Pretty much everyone knows that but did you know that Halloween is the third biggest of the year?

#5. Are you a believer?

There are plenty of people in America that believe in a lot of the myths that come along with Halloween. A study once showed that 42% of Americans believe that ghosts walk among us, 26% believe that witches are real and 24% of Americans believe in reincarnation. What do you think?

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