By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Three Brothers Got A Surprise Puppy For Christmas… Their Reaction Is The CUTEST.

Three brothers received an early Christmas gift. Their mom informed them that there was something waiting outside. When the boys opened their front door, they discovered a medium-sized box with a letter on top. The note was from none other than Santa Claus himself, explaining that it was extra cold outside, therefore, he needed to drop off one of his presents a little earlier than usual.

When the siblings discover that St. Nick has left them a tiny and adorable puppy one cannot contain his happiness, so much that he her bursts into tears. The special delivery may be deserved as Santa points out, “I hear you have all been wonderful boys this year.”

The new member of the family is a male Morkie, a part Maltese and Yorkie mix. In the video, you see the brothers each taking a turn to gently hold their dog. Based on their reactions, the adorable creature will not have to work very hard to get the family’s attention.

Source: Rumble Viral