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People Posted The Hardest Thing They’ve Done… And It Makes You GULP.

We've all encountered challenges in our lives, but some obstacles are certainly harder to overcome than others. I've had my fair share of ups and downs, but relatively speaking, I've been lucky: I'm healthy and happy, and so are my family and friends.

Some people don't get to say the same, and the fact that they're brave enough to share their stories is truly humbling. Below, people share the absolute hardest experiences they've ever had to go through, leaving the reader to wonder how they managed to get through it. They're from all over the world, facing all different types of hardships, and their words will definitely move you.

"I was NYPD 911 Operator on 9/11. I took calls from people trapped in WTC. Hardest day of my life." - username Clorex

"Sleeping after realizing that the drug I introduced my fiance to killed her." - username Terminix216

"Quit heroin." - username Orlyfactor

"Telling my rapist, "I forgive you. " - username PrincessDiannaOffical

"Kept living after becoming suicidal." - username theboned1

"I gave up my daughter for adoption when I was 17 to give her a better life. She's happy, healthy, and thriving; but I miss her every day." - username Magster2004

"Mine was trying to build and keep healthy relationships after being raped. I now have a husband who no matter my emotional state, helps me." - username Shiron14

"I beat cancer at the age of 14." - username Vigilant3

"I had a stroke at the age of twenty one and was told I'd likely never walk again. I proved them wrong." - username bristlealngeal4gotmypassword

"Moving to another country to escape my abusive boyfriend." - username Apocalyptusbonbon

"Got my sh*t together after being live-in-the-street homeless for eight months." - username Metalmartyr

"I learned how to walk again after suffering partial paralysis due to being in an automobile collision." - username Periskope

"Seeing my mom post brain surgery coming out of sedation. Partially shaved head, confusion, didn't know who I was. She's recovered memory now." - username HarryPotterReferenceProbably

"Learning French from scratch at the age of 24. Now I'm 30 and considered bilingual." - username seaBR600RR

"Telling my wife that her daughter was dead." - username FSMPirate

"Deciding life was worth living after being diagnosed with a heart condition at 24." - username epicstoic

"Telling my Dad she was dead when he asked if I knew were Mom was. It was the day after her death, he was there when she died. Dementia sucks" - username CurrentlyOffMyRocker

"Leaving every member of my family behind to go live alone in a country whose language I did not speak." - username ImGothamsReckoning

"I beat alcoholism after years of abuse." - username duckshooter

"Giving the eulogy at my mom's funeral." - username Rcadestaint

"Had to explain to my younger cousin why our grandmother wasn't coming back from the hospital." - username UniversalLeo1

"Spent weeks trying to talk an online friend out of suicide in a game. One day he didn't log in. And hasn't since." - username QueenoftheCrows

"Deleting my mother from my cell phone after she died." - username Fyneartist

"Telling a man that we couldn't save his wife of 50 years." - username FireSlayer1672

"My best friend of 24 years hung himself in his garage. I was the one who cut the rope to get his lifeless body down." - username inb3tw33n

"Recover after a car accident where I broke bones in all of my limbs only to have my husband leave me and want a divorce." - username cleeb

"Finding my wife of 9 years in bed with another man." - username turbotricycle

"Took calls from new orleans after katrina. Parents begging me to look up their children to see if they were alive." - username Someonehasmyrealusername

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