By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Baby Koala Is Huge Fan Of Belly Rubs… The Footage Is Blissfully Cute.

Some would say that Tami Wilson is the luckiest zookeeper in the world. Why? Because she has the cutest, cuddliest BFF around: A koala joey named Harry.

Wilson works at the Symbio Wildlife Park where Harry lives, located outside of Sydney. Harry developed an uncommon bond with Wilson after his mom passed away. She died before Harry could receive the crucial pap secretion that koala moms give their joeys to help them adequately digest eucalyptus.

For awhile, Harry was cared for by a surrogate koala. Then, he was moved to the sanctuary and found a new BFF/mother figure to cling to: Tami Wilson. Seeing these two together will definitely bring a smile to your face -- and make you wish you had a koala bestie of your own.

Source: Symbio Wildlife Park