By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Watch Bees Hatch Before Your Eyes In This Frighteningly Beautiful Footage.

When photographer Anand Varma built a beehive in his workshop, he had one intention in mind: Gain some fascinating insight into the world of beekeeping by watching bees grow and thrive, up close and personally.

“Being able to actually watch them in the hive, you get to observe the things you read about or are told about,” he said in an interview with National Geographic. "That was a real privilege that I wouldn’t have gotten had I just gone to the lab or just read the books or papers,” he says. “I got a lot more excited about bees, because I was able to watch them make their living.”

Over a period of six months, Varma watched larvae grow into bees and documented the entire process. He turned the footage into a time lapse video, and the final project is surprisingly beautiful. See all of the stages of a bees growth in his video below.

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Source: National Geographic