By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

He Makes Helmets Out Of Human Heads, But It’s Not What You Think (I Hope.)

When it comes to bike riding, skating, and basically anything else you do on wheels outside of a car, wearing a helmet is pretty essential. If you end up falling, you'll have your helmet to thank for the fact that you're not seriously injured. Still, it's surprising how many people still refuse to wear them. Do you think people would be more inclined to strap one on if it looked like their own head?

Jyo John Mulloor thinks so. He designed these strange helmet that look exactly like the wearers head- that way, you'd have no excuse to leave home without it. We'll admit it: They're pretty creepy. However, they're also not on the market. Mulloor simply created these with the help of Photoshop, and they won't be available for sale any time soon. Check out his weirdly wonderful creations below.

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Source: deMilked