By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Here's Some Awesome Things You Never Knew Your iPhone Headphones Could Do.

If you love your iPhone, chances are you have played around with your device to discover all the cool and fascinating things it can do for you. One little accessory that may look simple and basic in its use is actually just as cool as the phone.

Every iPhone case has a set of Apple EarPods. The pods are designed to be comfortable and also minimize users sound loss while getting excellent output. This high-quality accessory has other functions you may not realize it can do. Here are 11 things you never knew the EarPods do that will just make life a lot easier.

#1. Tapping motion.

Giving the center button a light tap will play, pause, and resume a song or video that is open.

#2. I hate that song!

Simply double tap the center button to skip the song and move on to the next one.

I hate that song!

#3. Let's go back.

Giving three taps to the center button takes you back to the beginning of the song or the previous one playing.

Let's go back.

#4. Moving forward.

A double click and hold will fast forward the track.

Moving forward.

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