By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Boy’s Head Was Stuck In Railings… But At 2:24 The Panic Turns To Laughter.

Kids tend to do things that defy logic, like putting a piece of toy up their noses or hanging off of things that are bound to fall or break. For the most part, parents are prepared and able to quickly come to the rescue.

For some reason, a little boy named Joey decided to stick his head through the outside railings of his house. The problem is that the boy could not pull his head out afterwards. His dad patiently tried to gently pull his son's head out by stretching the metal bars with his hands, and then with his leg. Unfortunately, nothing worked.

And as Joey cried, getting more agitated so were the family’s dogs. Joey even thought he could try the turn and pull process the canines do. You will want to watch this rescue video. You’ll be surprised at the easy and painless way Joey is finally able to free himself.

Source: jenled315