By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

14 Signs You’re In A HEALTHY Relationship, #9 Is Non-Negotiable.

Red flags always go up, warning individuals they are with the wrong person. They can be signs of jealousy or indifference that will make someone pause and reconsider their role with the person who may have been “the one.” When you find your other half, that person who gives you intense love and friendship, it is easy to still wonder if you made the right choice.

After all, we usually hear about how exhausting toxic relationships are. We have compiled a list of simple tidbits of advice to make the love affair last. You will be surprised when you realize how easy it is to be in a strong partnership.

#1. Spend me time.

You don't need to do everything together. Having your own time and space is healthy and necessary.

Spend me time.

#2. Learn to let it go.

Knowing when to move past things is essential. If the issue has been resolved and actions have been taken to fix the relationship, no need to keep on bringing the same thing up.

Learn to let it go.


#3. The most important no's!

Lying and cheating are not what make a relationship work. The most important factors for a relationship to thrive is no physical, psychological or sexual abuse. If you are experiencing in any of these, please seek help to get out.

#4. So simple and important.

Saying "I am sorry" or "thank you," may seem trivial but these phrases go a long way making your partner feel loved and appreciated.

So simple and important.

#5. The simple joys of life.

You may be an adult but let the little things bring you laughter. Let yourself laugh and be goofy with your partner. Life is much easier when you live it with joy.

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