By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Futuristic Pet Camera Takes Photos Every Time Your Dog Gets Excited. The Results Are Surprising.

You might be the type of person who loves taking photos of your dog - but did you ever stop to think about whether or not your dog wants to take a photo of you?

Think about it: You share plenty of memorable moments with your pup, and during most of those moments, they're pretty excited. What if there were a way to capture their excitement level with a photo? Enter the new "Heartography" heart monitor and photo camera system by Nikon, which automatically snaps photos whenever a dog's heart rate goes up. The system is worn around a dog's neck, and when the dog is excited (or afraid), it takes a photo.

The idea is pretty genius, and Nikon tried it out on one dog, Grizzler, to see how it would work. Check out the resulting photos and promotional video below.

Grizzler has the monitor and camera attached to his chest. It will snap a photo whenever he is excited.

Flip-flops get him excited - perhaps an indication that his human is home?

And clearly Grizzler loved these birds - this is definitely an exciting scene.

One doesn't often associate a turtle with "heart-pounding thrills," but apparently Grizzler is pumped about this.

Grizzler got excited when he saw these humans in the store.

We can also see that this can in a window gets his juices flowing.

It starting to seem like it doesn't take much to get Grizzler excited.

Something tells us that this camera would be less effective on cats, who don't really get excited about much.

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