Camila Villafañe

By Camila Villafañe

LifeBuzz Staff

23 Powerful Photos That Will Tug Your Heartstrings.

Try turning on the news every morning, and you’ll see the kind of world we live in. It’s filled with so much negativity that we tend to wonder if there’s any good left in this world. But although life can be tough sometimes, it’s always best to keep our chins up and remember that it’s not all doom and gloom. To prove that, we’ve collected a couple of impressive images that will remind you that there’s always hope as long as kindness and miracles continue to exist. So, without further to do, here are some phenomenal photos that will brighten your day.

#1. These two passengers never met until they got on this flight, which is shocking given how they met.

It was her first time flying and she was scared out of her mind. But this kind stranger offered to hold her hand and talk to her to keep her calm. Have you ever known a stranger who was as incredibly warm-hearted as this guy?

#2. Because their little girl was in a wheelchair, her parents worried that she might spend her first day alone.

But boy, were they wrong! Not only did she have no problem making friends, but now, her dad can't help but laugh and roll his eyes as he claims he has "a different problem on my hands. ”

#3. For some folks, going on a trip to Europe is the ultimate dream. For others, it's finally getting to graduate.

A Redditor posted an adorable snap of their entire class and their 92-year-old classmate who clearly wasn't about to let age determine if when and how she would graduate. Congrats!

#4. When you’re an expectant mom, the thought of seeing your child’s first ultrasound is so exciting.

But this mom was blind and couldn’t enjoy the wonders of a conventional ultrasound. Thankfully, 3D printing technology provided her with a tangible ultrasound, so she could feel her baby’s face, arms, and tiny hands.

#5. This loving grandpa wasn't able to care for himself anymore, so he ended up moving to a nursing home.

His Alzheimer's kept getting worse, but if there's one thing this grandpa can't live without, it's his lovely granddaughter. His son posted this photo on Reddit and captioned it: “My granddad had to move to a nursing home due to his Alzheimer’s getting worse. Whenever I visit him with my daughter, he lights up, and acts like he isn’t old anymore.”

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