By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Rescued Hedgehog With Vampire Teeth Is Instagram’s Newest Star.

A tiny hedgehog may be the best medicine to be beat the blues. Carolyn Parker rescued three-year-old Hodge Huffington, an African Pygmy. She found herself taking a lot of photos of him and posting them on Facebook quite therapeutic.

“I, like a lot of people, struggle with seasonal depression and taking cute pictures with Huff always cheered me up. Still does,” explains Parker. The Utah resident turned to Instagram to share the joy Huffington brings, he has 15,000 followers and growing. For his photoshoots, Parker likes to shop at craft and dollar store for props. It's not just it's tiny body and spines that make Huff popular; it's his two protruding fangs that give him that extra cute factor.

For the most part Huff loves to get his photo taken and is a willing participant. "It usually doesn't take too long to get a fun photo unless he's in a particularly ‘huffy’ mood and just wants to sleep, otherwise he's a great model," says Parker.

Huff loves to munch on mealworms, cat food, and crickets.

Parker does not plan her photo sessions. "I just go with the flow," she says.