By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

A Hedgehog Café Just Opened In Japan, But Be VERY Careful Where You Sit.

Coffee shops are no longer depending on their hot drinks and sweet desserts to attract clients. Theme cafés are the new norm nowadays, people can sip their steamy java while petting dogs and cats, or enjoy a latte in a poop decorated location. The latest trend to hit Japan is the hedgehog coffee shop.

Visitors can pay $9 during the week or $12 on holidays to sit and cuddle with a hedgehog for one hour. The shop in Tokyo is called Harry, a play on word meaning “needle” in Japanese. The prickly creatures are not native to Japan, thus making them even more of a novelty to hold.

The shop opened in February and people are lining up for a chance to hold a hedgehog.

There are 20 to 30 hedgehogs of different breeds to hold.

Visitors love it when the tiny mammals open up and show their faces.

Source: Hedgehog Cafe Harry