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Man Edits His Girlfriend's Photos To Get Revenge.

Twitter user @Tgflx1, whose real name is Theodore Gussie, went on the popular social media site to get some petty revenge on his girlfriend. But what was the nature of her crime? Was she with another guy? Did she borrow his car and accidentally scratch it? Did she forget to feed the pet? None of those things. She just annoys him sometimes. So, he decided to annoy her right back in the most hilarious way ever. And what better way to get back at someone than to alter their photos? But you won’t believe what it was he enlarged on her face.

When Theodore Gussie’s girlfriend Adilene Venegas annoys him, he doesn’t get mad. He gets even.

But this wasn’t a secret he wanted to keep for himself. He went on Twitter on June 26, 2019, to reveal his revenge tactic, and his social media followers are rolling on the floor. They simply can’t get over his unique way of venting his frustration.

Gussie revealed that he edited his girlfriend’s photographs so that her forehead looked bigger.

It’s not a massive change, but you can definitely tell from the photo that it’s unusual. In fact, it’s not a rare occurrence. The Chicago resident has done this more than once, and he doesn’t seem to show a hint of remorse.

When he first posted the photo, he just thought it would be a funny thing to share with people.

But then the tweet received over 260,000 likes and that’s not all. The post also received over 46,000 shares. And soon, everyone was eager to see if this was a one-time thing or if he had more examples of his work.

He never intended to show all the photographs he manipulated, but then this happened.

People liked it. They really, really liked it! So, after realizing his initial post had gone viral, he decided to show some of his other masterpieces which poked fun at Venegas. But there’s a reason some of the adjustments are more noticeable than others.

Gussie admitted that some of his girlfriend’s manipulated photos vary in intensity.

While some of the changes are minor, others are obvious and there’s an explanation for that. It turns out that he adjusts the size of Venegas’ forehead based on how angry he is. So, the bigger the forehead, the more annoyed he is with her.

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