Overweight Cat Finds Happiness After Shedding A Third Of His Weight.

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‘Everything will be good in the end’ is one statement that we have heard countless times. The concept of finally landing in your happy space might sound absurd to some but it is indeed true. However, things are comparatively easier in case of humans who, unlike animals, are at an added advantage of living the life on their own terms. Animals, on the other hand, somehow find themselves at the mercy of their humans who can treat them they like.

Since the cat required great attention and care and had litter box issues, the owners decided to give him away as the most convenient option. They turned their backs on the cat when he needed them the most.

A hefty feline, with a host of health issues and in dire need of love, was surrendered to an animal shelter.

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Sheila of love2foster said, “He was 34.8 pounds when he came here.” He had multiple tumors and could hardly walk, let alone groom himself.

One look at him was enough to know that he was not happy and needed a lot of help when he came to the shelter.

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Sheila said, “The family that dropped him off called him Fatboy. I renamed him Watson and we started a weight loss journey to take off at least ten pounds so he could be adopted.”

The transition began and the feline happily stepped on the road to a happy life.

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The cat’s special diet included canned Purina OM. She explained, “He ate 5oz daily, half in the morning and half in the evening.” From this point on, his life began to turn around.

Watson was then put on a special diet and the vets removed his benign tumors.

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Everyone at the shelter was impressed with his willpower and dedication to a healthy life. Sheila commented, “He would go halfway, rest on the landing, and continue to the bottom.”

Initially, he stayed upstairs and thus, Sheila started feeding him downstairs in order to encourage him to go down.

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As Watson was shedding the extra pounds, he showed a complete change in his temperament. He was grumpy and completely uninterested when he arrived but now he was an entirely different creature.

His condition was improving with each passing day as he became more active and could walk a little better.

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Sheila added, “He became more friendly and playful. One day he discovered that he could jump up on the couch and seemed so proud of himself. Watson wanted to be like the other cats. He really wanted to fit in the Cat Ball."

Watson was at his bubbly, cheerful and curious self, and was able to do the things that he couldn’t do before.

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Sheila told us, “He was adopted by comic illustrator Robbi Rodriguez. The care they provide for Watson is better than I could have dreamed of. Watson has some health issues because of the weight that he had for so long but they provide him with the best care.”

At 23 pounds, the slimmer, healthier and much more confident Watson was ready to be adopted.

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