By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

Adele’s ‘Hello’ Starts To Play… Now Watch VERY Closely What They Do Next.

When Adele’s single, “Hello” was released in late October of this year, it quickly turned into global phenomenon, reaching number one on music charts worldwide. It is impossible not to hear this song on the radio. Her ballad has been covered by other artists, used in comedy spoofs, and even had the British singer perform it with a band using simple grade school instruments.

In the newest rendition, the original song plays while three dancers perform in perfect unison. The Kinjaz is a dance troupe from California. Its latest choreography is a fusion of urban dance, theatre, and some very cool martial art moves.

Kinjaz is made up of 30 members currently. They are hoping this latest video will help promote their goal of creating their own school. Based on how good their routine is, it’s fair to say they will have no problem getting new students and enough funding to realize their dream.

Source: The Kinjaz

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