By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

3 Dogs Who Know How To Make The Perfect Entrance… Funniest Thing I’ve Seen All Day.

Dogs are known for being incredibly loyal, unabashedly enthusiastic, and lovably unencumbered by their surroundings (as evidenced by the time your St. Bernard decided to take a seat on your toddler's lap). These dogs look like they might be all of the above, topped off with a healthy abundance of pooch politeness.

This dog owner stood by and filmed as all three of her dogs stuck their heads in the doggy door to stay hello. After the first one does it, the other two can't help themselves, and their reception line they've created is nothing short of adorable.

Judging by their wide-eyed gazes, you can't help but wonder what the dogs are thinking as they each pop through the hole for a greeting. Our best guess? They're wondering why their owners would install a doggy-door that they can't even fit through. It's probably for that ungrateful cat.

Source: AFV Animals