This Hilarious ‘Hello’ Parody Is For All Of Us Who Struggle With Exercise.

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If you like Adele and food and can't get enough of them, then you will enjoy this "Hello Parody" retitled "Hella Cravings" by Dustin and Genevieve Ahkuoi. Despite its comic nature, these are professional vocalists from the Atlanta-based group The A-Town A-List. The song was tracked by Dennis Frazier.

The group has performed nationally at weddings, corporate events, festivals, galas, and just about any party you can think of. Currently under the direction of Ryan Stuart, whose performance credits include The Official Obama Inaugural Ball and a number of celebrity events, we anticipate great things for them.

But for now, sit back, relax, and have a good laugh. With lyrics like, "Hello wine and bagel bites. Krispy Kreme gives me life," this is the song you felt you wrote yourself. It has been described by one fan as "too relatable."

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