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A Broke Adele Fan Turned Her Plea For Concert Tickets Into A Hilarious Parody.

Adele was MIA for awhile, but recently she exploded back onto the scene with an emotional ballad that's been bringing tears to the eyes of her fans for weeks. However, there's another thing bringing tears to fans' eyes, and it's got nothing to do with her lyrics: It's the price of the tickets to see her show.

Since announcing her tour, Adele fans have realized that the cost of seeing her doesn't come cheap (some of them were selling on eBay for over $1000). The price woes seem to have inspired one fan, who decided to take to the internet and record her version of "Hello:" Only this time, it's all about the heartbreak that comes with finding out you can't afford to see your fave. Check out the hilarious video below.

When you can't afford Adele tickets 󾍀 Hello from the Parking lot 󾌹 somebody tell Adele them tickets too high ! I wanted to see her so bad man !!! But maybe next time . SHARE ‼️ SHARE ‼️ SHARE ‼️ #HelloFromTheParkingLot

Posted by Nay Nichelle on Monday, January 4, 2016

Sources: Nay Nichelle / Facebook, Cover photo

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