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Foldable Bike Helmet That Folds Up REALLY Small… This Is A Game-Changer.

Anyone that uses a bicycle for their daily commute to work knows that the safety features they use rarely look good. Safety is important so people just deal with the products that don’t look the best. They are also usually space consuming. Sujene Kong and Christian Von Heifner have come up with the perfect solution for the bulky, space consuming safety helmet.

They created FEND, a collapsible bike helmet that not only looks good and doesn’t take up a lot of space, it also exceeds all safety regulations. It collapses down to one third of its normal size for easy storage and it looks better than the normal helmets you see on the streets today.

The pair of designers have over twenty years of product development behind them and that was key in coming up with something that they themselves would want to wear. When Heifner was hit by a car while riding they came up with the idea. Even though what they were using that day was safe they both knew that something new was needed. Rather than complain about what was currently available they took matters into their own hands.

They currently have a campaign on Kickstarter and the first helmets are scheduled to be available in just a few short months.

This new bike helmet, FEND, is geared toward the commuter biker and we know there are plenty of those around!

FEND exceeds safety standards in both the United States and Europe.

The developers came up with a product that they would actually want to use.

You'll be able to buy yours coming up in just a few months!

When you are done riding the helmet folds down for easy storage.

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