By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

This Deaf Kid Can Finally Enjoy School. How They Did It… I’m Speechless!

In 2003, Bosnia passed a law integrating children with disabilities into regular classrooms. Unfortunately, with limited resources available students are often left alone and lost. Teacher Sanela Ljumanovic noticed her seven-year-old student Zejd Coralic was isolated from the rest of his peers. Zejd who is deaf was unable to communicate with other children and teachers at Osman Nakas school in Sarajevo.

The parents in the classroom pooled money together to hire a sign language teacher not just for Zejd but for the whole class. Within six months Zejd is a happier boy who loves going to school and signing to his friends.

The lessons will continue for Zejd as his teacher is working hard to develop his communications skills further. “We are all happy as we are learning a new language. The goal, however, is also to teach Zejd to read lips,” says Ljumanovic. It proves it takes a village to raise a child, or in this case a whole classroom of kids.

Sources: AJ+, Cover Photo by Amel Emric/AP