By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Your Train Will Never Stop At This Station… But You Should Visit And Take Your Camera.

Many New York City residents claim they've seen it all, and it's true that life in Manhattan can mean there are few surprises left in life. This magical place just might shock even the most infallible New Yorker.

The amazing subway station under City Hall closed its doors for good in 1945, and has remained inactive for almost 70 years. Still, the station is like a large-scale time capsule, boasting high arched ceilings, skylights, and antique glass that call to mind a completely New York than the one you see now. It is truly spectacular, and there's more!

For years, this station was only open to people as part of special events or tours. However, now anyone can see the station for themselves. Visitors and residents of New York can ride the 6 train to it's southernmost point (the last working station), but then stay on the train as it turns around at the City Hall station loop. You can't get off, but you can see the gorgeous station in all it's preserved, antique glory. It will have you wondering why they just don't make 'em like this anymore!

Check out these amazing photos below - that huge skylight is

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