By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

Can You Spot The Hidden Tiger In This Painting? It’s Not What You Think!

We love a good puzzle, whether it's a hidden search or a trick eye or just a riddle or two. Sometimes, the puzzles that circulate the Internet are painstakingly simple, and it's hard to accept that so many people found it challenging. Other times, these kinds of puzzles leave us with no choice but to Google the answer (but if someone asks, tell them we figured it out).

And every once in awhile, we come across a puzzle that seems painfully obvious but still leaves us scratching our heads, the kind that has a solution that will make you face palm once you see it. The Hidden Tiger puzzle below is one of those, and believe us when we say that it's simply not as easy as it looks. The goal is to check out the painting of the tiger and find another, hidden tiger in the same frame. Think you can do it? Give it a shot below.

The purpose of this puzzle? Find the hidden tiger in the painting. It's not a trick: We're not talking about the tiger that's painfully obvious, though he DOES hold a key to the real answer.

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