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13 Buried Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found.

We've all heard tales of explorers looking for hidden pirate treasures and sunken ships at the bottom of the ocean filled with gold and silver. While a lot of these tales are nothing more than myths, some of the stories seem to be a bit more credible than an old mountain man's tall tales. Keep reading to discover some of the world's most fascinating stories of hidden treasures, pirates, and murder.

#1. Forest Fenn's Treasure

According to experts, around 10 years ago, an 85-year-old gentleman named Forest Fenn hid an estimated $3 million worth of jewelry, gold, and artifacts in a small chest somewhere in the Rocky Mountains. In a strange poem entitled The Thrill of the Chase, Fenn shared clues as to the location of his treasure, inspiring thousands of people to go on a treasure hunt. Unfortunately, some people were even killed during the adventure. To this day, no one has found Fenn’s supposed treasure.

Forest Fenn's Treasure

forrest.fenn / Instagram

#2. The Missing Eggs of Fabergé

After the Romanovs were killed in 1918, the House of Fabergé, a Russian jewelry designer, was raided by the Bolsheviks, the people responsible for murdering the Romanov family. Most of the Fabergé eggs were taken to Moscow for safekeeping, but they resurfaced again in the early 1930s. Armand Hammer, an entrepreneur, found them interesting and bought ten of them to bring home to America. Some of them were sold and some were not. While some of them have changed hands several times, all we know is that 50 of the priceless eggs are still missing!

The Missing Eggs of Fabergé

Miguel Hermoso Cuesta / CC BY-SA 3.0

#3. The Infamous Treasure of Jesse James

According to legends, in Oklahoma, most likely somewhere in the Wichita Mountains, there is said to be more than $1 million worth of treasure left behind by Jesse James and his gang in the 19th century. There are plenty of tales that say the same thing: “He left that treasure behind in the Wichitas, and it’s never been seen again.”

The Infamous Treasure of Jesse James

Public Domain

#4. The Lost Treasure of Samuel Bellamy

In the small town of Machiasport, Maine, there is a legend that claims pirate Samuel Bellamy (who some people think Captain Jack Sparrow was inspired by) hid millions of dollars. In 1716, Bellamy just so happened to stumble across the area and decided to build a house to keep his treasures in. For some reason, Bellamy and his crew moved on rather quickly. Unfortunately, Bellamy was never able to retrieve his treasure because he was captured and killed in Massachusetts.

The Lost Treasure of Samuel Bellamy

Theodore Scott / CC BY 2.0

#5. A Shipwreck in Oregon

In 1705, a Spanish ship supposedly crashed and sunk off of the coast of Oregon, leaving behind plenty of gold and other treasures. Apparently, the fact that there MIGHT be buried treasure up there is good enough reason for people to buy land up there. “If you thought you could buy a second home on the coast but knew it would stretch your budget, the tipping point might just be, ‘Oh my God, there’s 500 pounds of gold somewhere up there,’” said Gary Albright, the executive director of the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum.

A Shipwreck in Oregon

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