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13 Buried Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found.

#6. The Burial Chamber of King Kamehameha

In 1819, King Kamehameha from Hawaii passed away and was apparently buried with millions of dollars’ in gold and jewelry. For some reason, no one has been able to find the burial chamber of King Kamehameha, but some people believe that it’s on the Na Pali coast of Kauai.

The Burial Chamber of King Kamehameha

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#7. The Treasure of Palemano Point

An exposed reef break off of Hawaii’s Big Island, known as Palemano Point, could actually be the hiding spot for over $5 million in buried treasure. According to Hawaii’s Unsolved Mysteries, the gold and silver treasure once belonged to Captain Thomas Cavendish, an English privateer who lived during the 16th century. Plenty of adventurers have tried (and obviously failed) at finding the treasure, but some people are still hoping.

The Treasure of Palemano Point

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#8. Dutch Schultz's Hidden Treasure

One of the strangest hidden treasure mysteries revolves around the mob gangster, Dutch Schultz (born Arthur Simon Flegenheimer). According to legend, as Dutch lay dying from a gunshot from a rival mobster, he muttered something about hiding $7 million somewhere in the Catskill Mountains of New York. Obviously, no one has ever found the treasure, but people aren’t giving up yet.

Dutch Schultz's Hidden Treasure

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#9. Mosby's Gold Sack

In 1863, Confederate ranger John Singleton Mosby led his guerilla raiders into a sneaky attack into Union territory. Without firing a single shot, Mosby and his crew were able to capture more than 40 Union troops at the Fairfax, Virginia Courthouse. Apparently, Mosby ran from the area with a burlap bag filled with $350,000 worth of gold, candlesticks, silver, and jewelry. which would be worth more than $6 million today. All of these items and other family heirlooms were stolen from the local plantation owners. While they were heading back into Confederate territory someone warned Mosby that there were Union soldiers nearby, so Mosby decided to bury the sack of stolen valuables in between two trees. He marked the spot with his knife, and later sent seven of his men to return to the area for the bag. Unfortunately, the men were captured and killed. As far as anyone knows, Mosby was never able to retrieve the valuables, meaning it could still be there today.

Mosby's Gold Sack

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#10. Ted Binion's Buried Silver

Ten Binion, a wealthy casino heir, has been dead for over 20 years now, but his name still lives on. Apparently, there is a silver collection worth several million dollars hidden somewhere on his property in Pahrump, Nevada. In 1998, Binion was murdered by his girlfriend and a collaborator. Even though they were acquitted of murder charges, they did get convicted on charges of silver theft. Apparently, the motive for the murder was Binion’s silver collection which was worth several million dollars at the time. While some people believe that all of the silver has been found, there are others who still think it’s hidden on the property, waiting for one lucky person to stumble across it.

Ted Binion's Buried Silver

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