By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

There’s Six Words Hidden In This Picture, But I Can Only Find Five.

It looks like your average Sunday morning cartoon, but this illustration has been causing a bit of the stir on the internet. That's because it's not just a cartoon: It's a hidden word puzzle that many are finding impossible to solve.

There are six hidden words in the puzzle, all cleverly incorporated into the surrounding design. Some of them might pop right out at you, while others require a bit more sleuthing to uncover. Even if you have no problem finding five of them, the sixth one will definitely stump you. No hints: Just try it for yourself below.

Here is the original illustration.

Can you find all six of the hidden words? If you're ready for the answers, scroll down.

Here are four of six of the clues (and the most obvious). For those last two, you're on your own.

Source: Inquisitr