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25 Funny Kids Who Are Terrible At Hide And Seek.

Hide-and-seek is one of the first games many people learn as a child. It's so easy to play! You either hide or you go find the people in hiding. Of course, being skillful in hiding doesn't come right away straight off the bat. It takes a couple of games and practice until you can really become a master at the game.

Everyone's gotta start somewhere though, right? And for every kid playing for the first time, that means starting at the very bottom. But hiding shouldn't be that hard, right? Well it is for these kids.

Finding a good hiding spot can sometimes be difficult, but for some reason these kids can't even find a DECENT hiding spot -- I don't know, say one that at least hides all their body parts? But no matter how terrible their hiding is, you can't help but to giggle at how cute they are for trying. I would personally love to play a game of hide-and-seek with any one of these kids. A game with them would make my day. 

#1. He thinks we can't see him.

Sorry to break the news to you son, but the pole is skinnier than you.

#2. "They'll never find me in this cabinet."

Maybe you should try putting your feet into the cabinet as well.

#3. Hiding in a box that you can fit in sounds ideal.

That is, unless the box is see-through.

#4. I think I found Santa Claus!

Or is it an elf dressed as Santa? Or has Santa shrunken?!

I think I found Santa Claus!

#5. If you're small enough, a sofa is one the best places or hide inside of.

Unfortunately, this kid wasn't.

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