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She Suspected Her Boyfriend Was Cheating, So She Hid Under His Bed…

Life sometimes gets in the way of love. The stresses of work, family, and everyday things easily slips into people’s daily life. If you are used to receiving flowers every couple of weeks or having laissez faire days with your loved one, when it stops it’s only natural to worry.

It feels a lot easier to remain quiet and hope that things get back to normal quickly. But when days turn into weeks, the fear becomes that this is the new norm or worse things are ahead. It would much easier to be straight-forward and ask what is going on before jumping to conclusion.

Nonetheless, some lessons are better learned the hard way.

She was the lucky girl.

This was the type of woman who found love. The good kind that sweeps you off your feet. He was romantic, patient, and funny.

Family and friends were confident he was going to pop the question soon.

He was never afraid of showing his feelings for her. He seemed more excited about their dates than she did.

Slowly he began to become more brooding, withdrawn.

The talkative, outgoing guy began to become withdrawn and preoccupied with something. When his partner tried to ask him what was wrong, he always said it was nothing.

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