By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This Guy Quit His Job To Travel The World… Now I Want To Do The Same.

In a story that will both inspire you and fill your soul with delicious travel envy comes the one about Craig Lewis, the man who worked for three years so he could save money, quit his job, and travel the world.

In just over a year, he visited 36 countries, embarking on an epic journey that included hitchhiking, volunteering, and even diving with sharks, amongst other things:

I hitchhiked, couch surfed, slept in airports, train aisles, floors, anywhere I needed to. I volunteered in Africa and flew wing suits in California. I trekked to Mt Everest base camp and Base jumped off antennas in England. I made mates for life all around the world.

He also high-fived the camera in all of the places he went, which might be the most awesome part of his trip. Check out his epic travel video below.

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Source: Craig Lewis