By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

26 Passive Aggressive Notes Written To Jerks Who Crossed The Line… The Last One Went Too Far.

There's nothing that can get your point across more clearly than a passive aggressive note - and it's funny, because the point of passive aggression is to not be clear at all.

Still, it's definitely an effective way to communicate your displeasure with someone. Below are 26 prime examples of amazingly passive aggressive notes. Reading each one, you can almost feel the disdain of the person who wrote it oozing through the screen. #17 is passive aggression at its absolute finest.

#1. This is a great way to keep people away from your food.

#2. The misunderstood peeper.

#3. Just follow the flowchart.

#4. This is your one and only warning.

#5. The note written on a slice of bread is serious business.

#6. Elaine isn't messing around this time.

#7. Praise him.

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