By Sheyla

LifeBuzz Staff

25 Hilarious Couples Who’ve MASTERED Love, Sex, And Relationships.

Relationship experts like to highlight the important factors required for any relationship to work. Things like respect, open communication, and honesty are at the top of the list. Although, many couples have these qualities in their lives, there can still be a feeling that something is missing.

It can take time to find your groove with each other, what works and what doesn’t. In the photos below, it is clear these couples have found that the bond that keeps them strong is humor. We don’t know if any family therapists will encourage this type of behaviour. Sometimes it’s highly inappropriate but hey, if it works why fix it.

#1. Dishes want Gary to love them.

Dishes want Gary to love them.

#2. Giving the green light when a wife comes home from work.

#3. Flowers and a sweet note.

#4. When her boyfriend decides to snap a photo instead of helping her.

#5. A really hot card.

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