By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

It’s One Of The Most Photogenic Villages In Italy, But Something Is Very Wrong…

No, it's a scene out of your hypothetical dream wedding, nor is it a historical image that now only lives on the pages of textbooks. Civita de Bagnoregio is real place, and it still exists today - though just barely.

Founded by the Estruscans approximately 2,500 years ago Civita was a city that connected a vast network of trade routes. In the 16th century, a devastating earthquake hit the hillside town, causing serious damage to the infrastructure. Over the years, a series of landslides, as well as other smaller earthquakes, caused most of the city's inhabitants to flee. Today, some Italians still live in the crumbling mountain town, but not many. Instead, CIvita has turned into a popular tourist destination for travelers who want to visit a place that seems to be preserved in time.

Check out the amazing photos of Civita di Bagnoregio below. For a town that is nicknamed il pause che muore, or "the town that is dying," it certainly looks like it's still full of life.

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