By Amanda

LifeBuzz Staff

This AirBnB Is A Far-Out Hippie Hideaway … Wait Till You See The Bathroom.

Back in the sixties and seventies, hippie counterculture was known for its mellow vibes, peace & love, and most importantly, exceptional style. Hippies set all the trends - bellbottoms, crochet, leather vest, and long flowing locks. It started of as a movement but quickly became an identity.

One AirBnB in California is trying to resurrect those groovy times with a mystical and totally far-out hideaway. The rental property is located in the heart of Los Angeles - fitting, considering the fact that LA was a hotbed of hippie activity back in the day. The spot sits high on one of LA's rolling hilltops and boast panoramic views, 15 skylights, and plenty of hippie vibes. If you're in need to of a relaxing respite, this property might be the one for you - just remember that the patchwork denim is not included, so you'll have to bring your own.

The panoramic views from this rental make it a beautiful place to get away.

The bedroom, or "sleeping chamber" is hidden away behind a painting in the wall - perfect for those who want to disappear completely for a few days.

The property is split over three levels, and there is plenty of outdoor seating.

At the top of the property is this bedroom, a 24-foot diameter geodesic dome. The windows frame the city and give spectacular views.

The doom might just be the most impressive part of the house - just look at those colors!

Guests enter the property through an enormous skylit cave, created from poured concrete in a space carved into a hill. The space is lit by 15 skylights and is decorated with some serious hippie flair.

The caretakers live in a studio/office space nearby - it's basically a domed yurt that is pretty impressive in and of itself.

The indoor/outdoor bathroom is incredibly warm, earthy, and inviting - how would you like to curl up here for a good book.

The dining area is spectacular as well, boasting even more amazing views.

The impressive wooden kitchen, which also takes its inspiration from the seventies, is perfectly equipped for those who love to cook. Bonus: That spiral staircase leads to that miraculous dome!

Don't fight it: Start planning your California vacation now.

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