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By Camila Villafañe

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God Help Us! The Hipsters Made A Nativity Set… LOL At The Wise Men.

Christmas is just around the corner, but it's been 2016 years since the birth of baby Jesus. A lot has changed since then. Fashion, life spans, architecture, and people have all undergone an incredible transformation. So naturally, the nativity scene was bound to undergo a transformation of its own. A San Diego based retailer that specializes in event-based products called Modern Nativity has changed the face of the traditional nativity scene with an impressive hipster makeover that is bound to be a hit this holiday season. The Wise Men carrying Amazon Prime boxes in lieu of traditionally wrapped gifts is hilarious!

No. These aren't action figure based on the latest boy band.

These are hipster wise men and they're riding on Segways to bless the beloved baby Jesus and they come bearing gifts in Amazon Prime boxes.

The stable also underwent a shocking technological transformation.

What's the point of hanging out in a stable in 2016 if it doesn't have an eco-friendly solar-powered roof?

Just about everything has changed, including the animals and the locals.

There's a shepherd in modern clothes uploading the event from his portable device and he's standing next to a sheep in a red sweater. Oh and did you notice the cow branded 100% organic eating out of a gluten-free feed?

Casey Wright, the founder of Modern Nativity, admits that the idea was dreamt up over a couple of beers.

He also admitted that the reviews for the product have been a cross between people finding it hilarious, and others find it sacrilegious.

Mary and Joseph are all set to post the news of their baby on social media.

That's right! Joseph is using his iPhone to take a selfie with his wife Mary, who's putting up the peace sign, and baby Jesus.

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