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Strange And Funny Coincidences In Human History

Life is full of uncanny coincidences. Sometimes you'll end up at the same restaurant or event as someone you know. Other times you'll come to work in a matching or similar outfit to one of your coworkers. These are all simple and common coincidences.

However, have you ever heard of history coincidences? These scenarios evolve uncanny resemblances between two individuals who live decades and sometimes even centuries from each other. They evolve cartoon shows and/or video games foreshadowing the future.

Although a lot of people like to believe that coincidences are solely just that — coincidences. But after reading about each scenario below, you might start to believe other wise.

#1. James Bond

In 1990, a student named James Bond in the UK was randomly given a standardized test, where the reference number was 007. He must have felt awesome.

James Bond

#2. Reincarnation

Even if you don't believe in rebirth, you do have to admit, these two have a VERY uncanny resemblance. Could this soul have left and come back within the same year?


#3. The Ebbin Brothers

These two brothers coincidentally passed away in the same taxi car at the same age just one year a part from each other. Talk about eerie.

The Ebbin Brothers

#4. Nebraska Church Choir

A church in Nebraska had exploded in 1950 on a day the choir was supposed to be there for practice. That day, not one of the fifteen choir people were there as they each were arriving late to practice that evening, each for their own reasons.

Nebraska Church Choir

#5. World Cup Winners

There's been a weird pattern between the hosts and the winners of the T20 World Cup recently, specifically since 2009. England was the host in 2009 and won in 2010. West Indies was the host in 2010 and won in 2012. Sri Lanka was the host in 2012 and won in 2014. So does that mean Bangladesh, who hosted in 2014, will be the next winner?

World Cup Winners

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